Pensiunea Vama54


Limitation of liability of Pasul Zimbrului SRL, it is not and will not be liable for any kind of accident, injury or other events due to inappropriate behavior of the tourist, intoxication, euphoria, or any other reason, including the incorrect use of baths, showers, electrically operated bodies (lamps, dryers, TVs, etc.) or outside the regulations displayed in various areas of the property (playground, swimming pool, etc.).
Smoking in closed spaces is forbidden. Vama54 is equipped with a smoke detector. If the panel alerts the staff to try to stop a sensor or if it detects smoke in a room, situations in which the fire alarm is triggered, the tourist will be fined 200 lei for non-compliance. If the customer refuses to pay, it will be served to representatives of the Romanian Police
The equivalent of accommodation / rest of accommodation is paid at check in.
The amount of the extra package (accommodation / half board / accommodation with full board) will be paid at the end of each day or at the end of the stay, as the tourist wishes. We recommend paying your daily extra package every day. The tourist has the obligation to pay daily or at least check together with a Vama54 representative the daily consumption before the note is transferred to the room. In this respect, any subsequent claim regarding the final value will not be taken into account.
The loss or destruction (breaking / bending) of the access card in the room has as a consequence the additional charge of 50 lei, the equivalent of the electronic access card.
Moving the furniture in the room without the approval of the staff is strictly forbidden (mirrors, beds, dressings)
Destruction by tourists or their children is their responsibility, and the direct consequence of any such incident will be to pay the equivalent of the object or the cost of the repair work. (Ex: Drawn on walls, scratched walls, broken furniture, broken glass of the cabin shower, bursting electrical objects in the inventory of the room and common spaces of Vama54. In case the customer refuses to pay the value of the damage, it will be served to the Romanian police representatives. The common spaces are supervised 24/24 video, with MAI authorization.
The use or storage of perishable food is prohibited in the room.
The consumption of outside beverages is forbidden in common areas (restaurant, terraces, lobby, swimming pools, yard), subject to a penalty fee of 30lei / person / day, the amount to be found on the payment note of that day.
The meals included in the package are served according to the program, namely: – Breakfast 8.30 – 10.30, – Dinner 19.00 – 21.00. In exceptional situations tourists can also be accommodated outside the program, but only if they have requested this service in advance.
Vama54 is not allowed to accommodate more tourists than the one mentioned in the booking form (Vama54 /, regardless of the age of tourists. In exceptional circumstances, you can change the type of the booked room or the number of rooms, or mount an extra bed (not required on reservation), subject to availability and payment of the price differences (reception rates) generated by the change. (EX: according to voucher booking / Vama54 – reservation for 2 adults, arrived in 2 adults and “n” children)
Pets of any breed, waist, etc. are not accepted at Vama54
Inappropriate behaviors such as running / screaming on the hallways / stairwell / restaurant, knocking the doors, or other actions that may disturb the rest of Vama54 travelers are strictly forbidden. We do not tolerate the lack of education! Please respect the rest of the tourists at Vama54.
The tourist can refer staff or Vama54 staff to emergency numbers, 24/24, any incident that is disturbing and that is caused by any other person in Vama54 regardless of the quality of the Vama54 (tourist, customer restaurant, pool client, Vama54 employee). Vama54 representatives will make the decisions that are needed as soon as possible.
Reservations at Vama54 are non-refundable. We do not refund amounts of money irrespective of the reasons invoked. If you are unhappy you can send an email to, the situation will be analyzed by Vama54 and you will receive a written answer as soon as possible.
In case of non-observance of this regulation Vama54 through the appointed representatives, namely Dragut Cristian – GM Vama54 or Dragut Irina – Administrator Pasul Zimbrului srl, reserves the right not to allow accommodation or to ask the tourist to release the room and to leave the property, if there are repeated non-observance of the present regulation or uncivilized attitude when arriving at Vama54 cumulatively with non-compliance with the provisions of this regulation.